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Titlesort icon Street
Zion Hill MBC 1701 Chestnut
Wolf House 1602 Cesar Chavez Street
Wesley United Methodist Church
Wesley United Methodist Church 1164 San Bernard Street
Wesley United Methodist Church
Wesley United Methodist Church
Wesley United Methodist Church 1160 San Bernard Street
Twelfth Street Baptist Church 2205 East 12th
The Historic Victory Grill / Historic Premier Blues Club 1104 East 11th
Texas State Cemetary 909 Navasota Street
Texas Music Museum 1009 East 11th
T.H. Wyatt House
T.H. Wyatt House 1604 New York Ave.
Swede Hill Park 907 E 14TH
Sunrise Tavern 1110 E 11th St
Strain House 1607 New York Ave.
Stohl - Saldana House 1005 East 9th Street
Steamboat Inn 1112 E 11th St
St. James' Episcopal Church 1941 Webberville Road
St. James Missionary Baptist Church 3417 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Sparks - Ledesma House 1306 East 7th
Southgate Lewis House 1501 East 12th
Shotgun House 1195 Comal Street
Shamrock Restaurant & Bar 1207 E 11th St
Sam's Bar B Q 2000 East 12th
Saint David Church 300 East 7th
Rosewood Park 2300 Rosewood Ave.
Rogers - Lyons House 1001 East 8th Street
Robinson-Morris House 1504 E. 13th Street
Robert Majors House 1119 E. 11th Street
Robert Irvin House 1008 E. 9th Street
R. H. Porter House 1315 E. 12th Street
Play! Theatre Group 1204 Cedar
Parsley House 1009 East 8th
Palmquist House 1000 E. 13th Street
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church 1206 E 9th St
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
Olivet Baptist Church 1179 San Bernard Street
Oakwood Cemetery Annex 1601 Comal Street
Oakwood Cemetery 1601 Navasota Street
Oak Springs-Rice Elementary School 3601 WEBBERVILLE RD
Nitschke House 907 E. 13th Street
Newton House 1013 East 9th Street
Negro Women's Home 2010 Rosewood Ave.
N.W. Rhambo House 1102 E. 10th Street
Mt Sinai Baptist Church 5900 Cameron Road
Ms B's Authentic Creole Cuisine 1050 East 11th
Mount Zion Baptist Church 2938 East 13th
Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church 2111 S L Davis
Metropolitan AME Church 1101 East 10th
Maxine's Soul Kitchen 2931 East 12th
Madison Log Cabin 2300 Rosewood Ave.
Macken-Anderson House 1007 East 16th
Lucy Jennings House 1303 Comal Street
Lindemann House 1100 East 8th Street
Limerick-Frazier House 810 East 13th
Lewis BBQ 1814 Harvey
Land Office Building 112 East 11th
L.C. Anderson House 1180 Navasota Street
Kealing Park 1500 Rosewood Ave.
Kealing Junior High 1607 PENNSYLVANIA AVE
Johnson (Alfrida) House 1022 East 7th
Jesse Batts House 1009 E. 14th Street
IL Club 1124 E 11th St
I. Q. Hurdle House 1416 East 12th
Huston-Tillotson University 900 Chicon Street
Huston-Tillotson University 900 Chicon Street
Howson Community Center 1192 Angelina Street
Houston Alexander House 1194 Comal Street
Hot Shot Inn 1114 E 11th St
Hoover's Cooking 2002 Manor
Holy Cross Catholic Church 1610 East 11th Street
Hill-Green House 1202 Bob Harrison Street
Hernandez-Johnson Home 1000 East 8th Street
Hedspeth House 1196 San Bernard Street
Haynes - Delashwah House 1209 Rosewood Avenue
Haenel Store Building 1101 East 11th
Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church 1801 PENNSYLVANIA
Giese-Stark Store 1211 San Bernard Street
German American Ladies' College 1604 East 11th
George Washington Carver Library, Museum & Cultural Center 1165 Angelina Street
George Peterson House 1012 East 8th Street
Gene's New Orleans Style Po Boys & Deli 1209 East 11th
Garza High School 1600 Chicon
Freedom Home Baptist Church 1144 Gunther
Fiegel House 2106 Martin Luther King Blvd
Evans Industrial Hall, Huston-Tillotson College 1802 East 8th Street
Evans Industrial Hall, Huston-Tillotson College
Evans - Morris - Kiesler House 1000 East Cesar Chavez Street
Ebenezer (Third) Baptist Church 1010 East 10th Street
Eastside Church of Christ 3106 E 14TH HALF
E. F. Dennis House 1706 East 12th
Duncan Washington House ("La Abogados Gueros") 1214 East 7th Street
Downs Mabson Field 2816 E. 12th Street
Dew Drop Inn 1133 E 11th St
Delores Duffie Recreation Center 1182 North Pleasent Valley
North Pleasent
Deacon Jones Place 1002 E 11th St
David Chapel 2211 East Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
D.R. Woodard House 1301 E. 12th Street
Cook - Sifuentes House 1009 East 9th Street
Connelly-Yerwood House 1115 East 12th
Club Derby 1113 E 11th St
Chestnut Park 2207 East 16th Street
Cherice-Hawkins-Frazier House
Cherice-Hawkins-Frazier House 1104 E. 10th Street
Charlie's Playhouse 1206 E 11th St
Charles B. Moreland House 1301 East Cesar Chavez Street
Chapman House 901 East 12th
Carlin's Place 1203 E 11th St
Campbell House 1618 Pennsylvania Ave.
Campbell House
Campbell Elemetary School 2613 Rogers Ave.
Briones House (Casa de Sueños: House of Dreams) 1204 East 7th St.
Brewer House 1108 Chicon Street
Boothe - Santa Ana House 1011 East 8th
Blomquist House 1000 Est 14th
Blackshear Elementary School 1712 East 11th Street
BJ's Lounge 1101 E 11th St
BJ's Bar
1008 E 11th St
Berner - Clark - Mercado House 1807 East Cesar Chavez
Ben's Longbranch Bar-B-Que 900 East 11th Street
Bailetti - Walker House 1006 Waller Street
Arnold's Bakery 1010 East 11th
Alternative Learning Center High School 901 Neal Street
Alamo Park and Recreation Center 2100 Alamo Street