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Hoover Alexander’s  cooking roots run deep through Texas, just like the flavors in his food.
As a fifth generation Texan, born and raised — with family throughout, including small townships like Pilot Knob, Manchaca and Utley Texas, Hoover and his cooking are inspired by Texas itself.
The different flavors on his menu are representative of the many cultures and people who make up the great state.

As Hoover says “ I take something from my mother Dorothy’s home cooking — all the way to Mama Breaux’s, East Texas Cajun cooking — and from BBQ cooked by the Old Pit Bosses — to the Tex-Mex of Austin’s own. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic school”.

Some of what he brings also comes from his early days in the business, where he learned some of the simple but great secrets of food, along with the principles of making and keeping your customers happy.
Hoover and his partners credit learning some of these great lessons to Harvey Akin the visionary behind the successful Nighthawk Chain of restaurants, that opened in the 30’s including the one in Austin where Hoover got his start.

Its these simple lessons and the goal to always carry the positive influences along his culinary journey, that fuel Hoover’s commitment to what’s good. Those same influences power his restaurant’s mission:
“Honest-to-Goodness- Good cooking- at a Good Value.”

Hoover’s relationships with the farmers, who grow crops with their hearts and hands, allow Him and his staff to serve fresh, natural, comfort food, on his tables everyday.
What he gets from the farmers he is able to pass down to his customers with a special personal touch.

In that Texas homegrown spirit, we invite you to “Enjoy our Smoke, Fire and Ice House and please, save some room for desert”.


Hoover's Cooking
2002 Manor
Austin, TX, 78722

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