Mark Patterson

Trumpet/flugel horn; Native of Pittsburgh, Pa.  About 58 years old.  Spent early career playing in traveling blues, R&B, jazz bands in the east.  In touring bands of  Hank Ballard, Otis Redding, Etta James, Joe Tex.  Had steady work at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem for a while;  working with Cab Calloway's band.  Appeared on American Bandstand TV show.  After a European tour with Tex, came through Austin to perform several dates.  After those club dates, the band split-up and he decided to stay in Austin.  This was in the early 1960's.&nb

Ernie Mae Miller

Photograph of Ernie Mae Miller playing the piano

pianist/singer;  Probably the oldest Black woman musician working professionally in Austin.  Has performed consistently since 1949.  Austin native.  Comes from one of the most influential family's in East Austin.  Connected to Black society, government, education, real estate.  East Side schools were named for her relatives, the Andersons.  Grew up in the same neighborhood with the entertainment district.  One of the families who fled the area after it went into decay.  Left behind the family homestead and moved further east to Black suburbs.&nbs

Donald Jennings

Photograph of Donald Jennings playing the trumpet

Trumpet/flugel horn; singer;  Austin Native (age--mid/late fifties).  On the scene since teenage years.  A true product of the local music apprenticeship system.  Learned to read/play in school, learned practical aspect of being performing musician from his introduction into club scene with older East Side Musicians.  Has played with most of the players in the project at one time or another.  Experience ranges from straight ahead jazz to funk to blues.  Active since the early 1960's.  Has lived on the East Side and worked with Black East Side players

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