Jennings, Donald Audio - 7

Video Player Controls

Screen reader users:
Tab into the tool bar.
Then turn the virtual cursor/buffer off to enable pass-through mode.
For JAWS: Insert + Z.
For NVDA: Caps Lock + Space Bar.
For Window-Eyes: Ctrl + Shift + A.
Right and left arrow keys navigate tool bar controls.
Keyboard shortcuts are also available while in pass-through mode:
Alt Control P for play and pause.
Alt Control S for stop.
Alt control M for mute.
Alt control R doubles size of player.
Alt control T toggles focus between elapsed time and toolbar.
VoiceOver users: Use the Enable Player VoiceOver Access button to make the toolbar button text display and then use the Focus Toolbar button to jump into the toolbar. (VoiceOver with Safari 3, only. Safari 4 beta does not work with toolbar. Disable VoiceOver and use keyboard shortcuts.)

Jennings, Donald Audio - 7

You see when uh in 71 uh the clubs closed.  A lot of them just give up because all the customers and the patrons they left and went across the freeway.  Well these people closed up. There wasn’t no more players.  And we were getting jobs on the west side of the freeway.  A lot of them went over there and uh that’s what happened to a lot of clubs they just gave up because there was no body to support them. And uh they went to different bands. when that happened the different white bands that had gotten set up a lot of blacks went and joined them there was no such thing as a all together black band now. See its different. And they started playing different styles of music here comes the hip hop uh uh r and b.  R and b is a little different from solid blues and uh this means if you know anything you can get there and change the whole order. See from just solid blues it can be different that’s what happened at a lot of the clubs even everywhere it seemed in all the big cities Houston, San Antonio, Austin Dallas/Fort Worth all the places we used to play in Dallas/Fort Worth is just like the Austin scene they all gone.  Because uh musicians its broad now it’s a broad field a big field a big playing field and you don’t have to try to be confined to just one type you can go make money anywhere if you can play it and it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black.