Jennings, Donald Audio - 2

Video Player Controls

Screen reader users:
Tab into the tool bar.
Then turn the virtual cursor/buffer off to enable pass-through mode.
For JAWS: Insert + Z.
For NVDA: Caps Lock + Space Bar.
For Window-Eyes: Ctrl + Shift + A.
Right and left arrow keys navigate tool bar controls.
Keyboard shortcuts are also available while in pass-through mode:
Alt Control P for play and pause.
Alt Control S for stop.
Alt control M for mute.
Alt control R doubles size of player.
Alt control T toggles focus between elapsed time and toolbar.
VoiceOver users: Use the Enable Player VoiceOver Access button to make the toolbar button text display and then use the Focus Toolbar button to jump into the toolbar. (VoiceOver with Safari 3, only. Safari 4 beta does not work with toolbar. Disable VoiceOver and use keyboard shortcuts.)

Jennings, Donald Audio - 2

They’d thrive and that was true on east 12th street, 11th street and Rosewood because those places served the whole east side. Everybody went there because it was segregated. You couldn’t go nowhere else. So you had to pick a place where you liked and that was it. Restaurant. Got to pick a place.  They had some restaurants on 12th street that were dynamite because the people could, the owners could you know they could deal with it because it wasn’t so bad on them you know the city codes and all that they didn’t have all that they didn’t give a damn if you had extension cords everywhere.