Jennings, Donald Audio - 1

Video Player Controls

Screen reader users:
Tab into the tool bar.
Then turn the virtual cursor/buffer off to enable pass-through mode.
For JAWS: Insert + Z.
For NVDA: Caps Lock + Space Bar.
For Window-Eyes: Ctrl + Shift + A.
Right and left arrow keys navigate tool bar controls.
Keyboard shortcuts are also available while in pass-through mode:
Alt Control P for play and pause.
Alt Control S for stop.
Alt control M for mute.
Alt control R doubles size of player.
Alt control T toggles focus between elapsed time and toolbar.
VoiceOver users: Use the Enable Player VoiceOver Access button to make the toolbar button text display and then use the Focus Toolbar button to jump into the toolbar. (VoiceOver with Safari 3, only. Safari 4 beta does not work with toolbar. Disable VoiceOver and use keyboard shortcuts.)

Jennings, Donald Audio 1

So what a lot of them did was take they home and uhh little old box houses theres a theres a kinda lots of little living area and a bedroom.  Right here.  they would knock this wall out and block this right here. And they had club.  They’d live.  Put a room back here maybe.   If the house was big enough they wouldn’t have to do nothing.  Just just move all that back here and they had a club.  And several houses did that.  And then there was this one lady.  She’d have a club but what she did was the front of her house she made a little café.  Could cook.  I mean man she could cook. And a lot of times she wasn’t open every day.  She couldn’t afford to open up every day. But when she did boy it was good.  I would stop by there sometimes on my way to work. I would stop and eat have bacon, and eggs, toast, coffee all that was about for about thirty cents.