Hubbard, Henry - Audio 6

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Hubbard, Henry - Audio 6

And another town that it was terrible was in Huntsville where the prison is. Oh man, they were terrible down there! They had colored, white, colored, white.  We started playing down there.  This is in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s. This is when Charlie had the play house, and one of the guys that came to the playhouse, the fraternity, he was going to school. There’s a college there in Huntsville, and he was going to school, so he hired us to play there on the off nights, like a Tuesday night, Wednesday.

And when we went down there he said, “Hubbard now you all got to stop over there at that service station, and I’ll come over there and get y’all.  Y’all going to be there at such and such a time?”

I’d say, “Yeah.” (He’d say) “OK, I’ll come over there.”

And that service station had “colored, white, colored, white” all over everything, you know. And Glory Jean and the Roultettes was playing in Huntsville at a country and western club, and the sheriff actually come in there and cut them off one night and told them don’t come there no more.  Yeah…and they did us the same way.

But…what happened was, we went down there and played, and the guy that hired us from Austin, he come and saw us and he was waiting and everything. He said “I tell you what we’re going to do. You all are going to play at the National Guard Armory.” You know they have those buildings on the highways and stuff.  He said, “But I’m going to take a short cut through the campus, so y’all stay close to me because they don’t even like y’all to come through the campus.”

That was that college down there in Huntsville, so he pulled out and went through the campus, and we were right behind him, you know, in two cars. And the National Guard Armory was like down the street further on one of the main highways, you know. So we went down there and played, and them kids enjoyed it, man, so he hired us again.

About the third time that he hired us, we were playing like a sun of a gun, and here come…it was a sheriff and the highway department, you know, the troopers that get you for speeding.  They came in there, and…the sheriff walked in. He said, “Who’s the band leader?

And my drummer was sitting there (and said), “He is.”  I said, “Right here.”

So he came over there. “I tell you what you’re going to do, you’re going to shut this down, and you all pack y’all’s stuff and leave.”

So one of the fraternity came up there and said, “What’s going on?” And he said, “You all got kids out there that’s under age.”  That’s what he laid it on, see. “They’re underage. Some of those girls ain’t no 18 or 20”, you know, and all this stuff.

So he said, “But the best thing that you can do is tear your stuff down.”  So I looked back at everyone. I said, “Man, the sheriff wants us to tear everything down and cut out”. So we did. We tore everything down and cut out.