Hubbard, Henry - Audio 5

Video Player Controls

Screen reader users:
Tab into the tool bar.
Then turn the virtual cursor/buffer off to enable pass-through mode.
For JAWS: Insert + Z.
For NVDA: Caps Lock + Space Bar.
For Window-Eyes: Ctrl + Shift + A.
Right and left arrow keys navigate tool bar controls.
Keyboard shortcuts are also available while in pass-through mode:
Alt Control P for play and pause.
Alt Control S for stop.
Alt control M for mute.
Alt control R doubles size of player.
Alt control T toggles focus between elapsed time and toolbar.
VoiceOver users: Use the Enable Player VoiceOver Access button to make the toolbar button text display and then use the Focus Toolbar button to jump into the toolbar. (VoiceOver with Safari 3, only. Safari 4 beta does not work with toolbar. Disable VoiceOver and use keyboard shortcuts.)

Hubbard, Henry—Audio 5

Now the problem was the white university kids would call and reserve their tables. So you may walk in there and see a lot of people over here, and there’s not a lot of people over there. And some blacks would come there and look in there and say, “Well let’s go in here”, and Miss Ira would say, “Well, all that’s reserved.”

Well, see, most of the black people, “Reserved? What are you talking about?” you know.  See, they wasn’t into that “reserved” thing because this is a black club, you know, but the white university brothers had already reserved a whole spot for maybe 50 people. And the reserved sign is on the tables, you know: RESERVED.

And black people couldn’t understand, “What do you mean reserved? This is a black club. I should be able to walk in here and sit wherever I want and when I want.” But that’s what they found out they couldn’t do, and they was getting pissed about that, you know.