Hubbard, Henry - Audio 4

Video Player Controls

Screen reader users:
Tab into the tool bar.
Then turn the virtual cursor/buffer off to enable pass-through mode.
For JAWS: Insert + Z.
For NVDA: Caps Lock + Space Bar.
For Window-Eyes: Ctrl + Shift + A.
Right and left arrow keys navigate tool bar controls.
Keyboard shortcuts are also available while in pass-through mode:
Alt Control P for play and pause.
Alt Control S for stop.
Alt control M for mute.
Alt control R doubles size of player.
Alt control T toggles focus between elapsed time and toolbar.
VoiceOver users: Use the Enable Player VoiceOver Access button to make the toolbar button text display and then use the Focus Toolbar button to jump into the toolbar. (VoiceOver with Safari 3, only. Safari 4 beta does not work with toolbar. Disable VoiceOver and use keyboard shortcuts.)

Hubbard, Henry—Audio 4

But what happened was, Charlie and Miss Ira would be in business for our people, you know.

If you came to the club, and you were black and you were sitting at a table that was for five, he would ask you to move you over here where it was a table for two because he had five whites that wanted that table, see.

So all that got to be friction there, you know, and the black people on the east side saying that Charlie is catering to white folks (laughs) you know, his club is open there for whites, and if you’re black he’d make you get up and all that.  Well, he did, but not in that sense that they would put it out.