Charlie's Play House Kathrine Poole - Track 1

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Interviewer: Charlie’s Playhouse was a club amongst many clubs on east 11th Street in Austin, Texas.  “The cuts” as the area was called, was an environment for Texas electric blues musicians to thrive in.  It was the area that Charlie’s Playhouse lived. Here are some memories from individuals that made up the community. First, we hear from Katherine Poole.  She was wife of Gus Poole of Gus Poole’s Trio, house band at Charlie’s Playhouse.  She expresses her memories of Charlie’s Playhouse in an interview during a lunch we shared.

Katherine Poole:  I was born in Houston, Texas, but I was reared in Navasota, Texas and I was between the two towns, cities, Houston and Navasota.

Interviewer:  How long did you like in Austin, Texas?

KP: Since about ’48…’49.

Interviewer:  Do you remember Charlie’s Playhouse?

KP:  Oh, yes I remember Charlie’s Playhouse.

I:  And you say your husband played there?

KP:  Yeah.

I:  What was your husband’s band’s name?

KP:  His band was Gus Poole Trio.

I:  Did you ever see his trio?

KP: Once or twice.

I: What do you remember of Charlie’s Playhouse?

KP:  The music was loud, and it was smoky, and I never wanted to stay. I was ready to go as soon as I got there. But it was good music, and Charlie was very friendly to all the patrons. It was real nice if you enjoy loud music, but I didn’t. And I still don’t.

I: Do you remember when Charlie passed away?

KP:  I remember, but I couldn’t give you the date, but I remember when he died.

I: Was there a big celebration?

KP: Not that I know of.  At that time, when he passed away, my husband and I were divorced, and I kind of lost track of everything around Charlie’s Playhouse. I was through with Charlie’s Playhouse (laughs).