Thank you for taking the time to visit the East End Cultural Heritage District!  We are proud of our community and strive to provide access to all. 

As part of this desire to accommodate all visitors, we have taken great care in making accommodations so all may enjoy.  Below are a few helpful hints that may increase your enjoyment and perception of the site.

Vision – Low Vision

At East End we recognize that much of our value comes from pure textual content.  While we strive to make all text easily readable, we recognize that there are instances where you may wish to increase the font size.  As such, we have made provisions that allow you to use standard browser features to increase the page font size without having the content scroll off the screen.

Helpful Hints to Increase Font Size in Browser:

Follow the directions below for your specific browser. Many newer browsers also allow you to change text size by pressing the CTRL key and simultaneously using the scroll wheel on your mouse to increase or decrease text size.

Firefox 2
  • Select View->Text Size.
  • Your choices are Increase, Normal, or Decrease.
Firefox 3
  • Select View->Zoom->Zoom In.
  • Note that before selecting Zoom In, you can select Zoom Text Only if you don't want graphical elements also enlarged.
Internet Explorer
  • Select View->Text Size.
  • Your choices are Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, or Smallest.
Netscape or Mozilla
  • Select View->Text Zoom.
  • Your choices are Smaller, Larger, 100% (Original Size), and other percent sizes.
  • Select View->Make Text Bigger
  • or View->Make Text Smaller.
Vision – Blind, Low Vision

At East End we understand that many of our visitors will be using assistive technologies such as a screen reader.  To aid these patrons, the development team has used Heading Tags to mark all major sections and features.  As such, you can expect to find on every page:

  • Heading 1: Navigation - Primary Navigation Links
  • Heading 1: Site Search - Search All Articles and Rich Assets (Video / Audio)
  • Heading 1: Social Media - Links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Heading 1: (Main Content Title – Content Begins)

In addition, all pages contain a Skip Navigation Link that will direct the focus of the screen reader to the main content area.


Featured on many of the pages are embedded maps.  These dynamic maps are unfortunately not easily navigated by people using assistive technologies.  In instances that maps are included on a page, an accessible list of all points on the map are also provided on the same page.  As such, we suggest assistive technology users navigate past the dynamic map in favor of the listed locations.  These textual lists are pulled from the same data sources used by the dynamic mapping tool.  So you will always be up to date!


For more information on accessibility please visit Knowbility.